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Innovative threat detection and protection solutions.

Cleafy offers fraud prevention solutions targeted in particular at protecting online banking applications of financial institutions. Products currently span from web-channel protection (Cleafy Detect and Protect) and well as Mobile channel protection (Cleafy Mobile).

Cleafy Detect (Mobile channel)

Cleafy provides Integrity Detection for both native and hybrid mobile applications. The operational flow is basically the same as for web applications, as illustrated in the following diagram:

Cleafy also provides mobile-specific capabilities to protect the integrity of mobile applications at the device, communication and application layers:

Device Layer Integrity: rooted or jailbroken device detection, device fingerprinting, inter-application communication checks and validation of application overlaying;

Communication Layer Integrity: API Message Integrity (i.e. all API calls are verified against original server-side calls with actual client-side message), SSL session conformity (i.e. Certificate usage) and correct SSL handshaking and certificate verification;

Application Layer Integrity: application container integrity for hybrid apps, session fingerprinting and tracking, human vs BOT behaviour checks (e.g. user interaction with physical/software buttons on device).

Cleafy Detect (Web channel)

Cleafy is a real-time, client-less, threat detection and protection solution that can ensure service integrity and protects against today’s advanced attacks from compromised web/mobile endpoints. Cleafy is based on unique (patent-pending) real-time, client-less integrity detection, pattern correlation and risk scoring technology.

Cleafy effectively support fraud prevention by identifying risky transactions in real-time, triggering user-friendly fraud prevention measures and supporting effective forensic investigations based on direct evidence of malicious code.

Cleafy is already protecting millions of customers and billions of transaction of major European corporate and retails banks.Cleafy Detect can supplement a transaction monitoring system like RSA's Adaptive Authentication in order to provide comprohensive protection against current malware attacks.


SafeArea provide both reselling, consultancy and support services on Cleafy solutions in Australia.

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