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We resell and integrate some of the best breed brands in the IT security field, with a focus on two factor authentication and fraud prevention.

RSA SecurId Suite

RSA SecurId Suite

With the RSA SecurID Suite, organizations achieve security and convenience, enhance compliance, and reduce risk through a solution where the essential capabilities of assurance, access, lifecycle and governance work in harmony.

Cleafy Detect and Protect

Cleafy Detect and Protect

Cleafy is the only real-time, client-less, threat detection and protection solution that can ensure service integrity and protects corporate and retails banks against today’s advanced attacks.


Sunnic E-Trust End to End Encryption

Do you need an additional encryption layer on top of the outer SSL tunnel to secure sensitive data transmitted by your web or mobile application from sometimes too intrusive security solutions or other unwanted observers? End to end encryption is what you might be looking for.

RSA SecurID Access

RSA SecurID Access is a cloud based solution that allows to enable almost any web based application or RADIUS device with a variety of two factor authenticators, including push-based mobile application, HW and SW SecurID tokens and OTPs delivered via SMS.

Adpative Authentication is a online fraud prevention system allowing fraud teams to risk-assess in real-time online value and non-value activities executed by end users via a mobile or web based applications. Activities can then be allowed, challenged of denied based on configured business rules.