IT Consulting

Java Consulting

Java web applications

Do you need a Java web application to run inside your J2EE server or within a Portal server like Liferay? Do you need to extend or update an existing Java web application?

We can assist with both the technical and graphical aspects of your application.

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Web Services

Do you need to design or consume an API using SOAP or REST web services? We can assist with the contract design process and with the implementation of related server or client applications using popular Java frameworks.

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Generic Operating Systems consulting


Do you assistance with your Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris based server? We can assist with generic OS configuration tasks and troubleshooting. This includes configuring services like Apache HTTPD, Sendmail, DNS, NTP, etc...

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We can provide assistance with generic Windows related configuration and troubleshooting tasks, stretching from network configuration, IIS configuration or Active Directory related queries.


Firewalls / Network Security

If you're connected to the internet you'll then need at least some basic level of security. Requirements increase with the nature of the data you're storing but as a minimum you should be segretating networks depending on their functionality. For example networks that are accessible by the general public should be separated from networks connected to company internal equipment.

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Wirelles technology is very practical to grant network access to portable devices and to extend the reach of wired networks. As an example you might need to provide network connectivity in a separate building like a granny flat or a garage located at the end of your property. We offer various solutions covering different types of requirements.

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If you need to safely connect back to your office or you'd like to build a permanent tunnel between multiple office locations then VPN technology is what you need. We offer a number of industry-standard solutions capable of satisfying the most disparate requirements.

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