Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive Authentication ("AA") is available as an On-Premises solution, also known as the "AAoP" product. The Cloud version of the product is known as "AAC" and is hosted out of a US and EU based cloud.


The On-Premise and Cloud products are based on the very same codebase, currently version 14. A legacy version of AAoP (version 7) is deployed at a number of customer sites.

Step up Authentication

Adaptive Authentication supports a number of "step up" authentication methods out of the box. Additionally the system exposes APIs that allow to integrate any other external step-up authentication method as plugins via the so-called "Multi Credential Framework" ("MCF"). We've developed over the last year a number of such plugins tailored to customer's needs.

Mobile SDK

An additional component of Adaptive Authentication is the Mobile SDK. Once embedded within a mobile application it allows to collect a rich set of device biometrics data points, which will then be used as part of the risk assessment process. The Mobile SDK's current version is 3.11 and is available for both Android and iOS to AA customers.


We've supported various customers throughout the APJ region with the deployment and integration of AA with their online banking application. Should you wish to learn more about Adaptive Authentication or need assistance with an existing deployment please do not hesitate to contact us.

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