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Authentication Manager

RSA offers what can be described as the most poupular two factor authentication solution based on hardware and software based SecurId authentication tokens.


Safe Area has 10+ years experience with the components making up a typical SecurId deployment. 


With our expertise we can assist with:

  • Planning of new deployments.
  • Licensing - new licenses and renewals.
  • Product upgrades (from AM 6.x to the latest version).
  • User migrations, for example if consolidating two separate environments.
  • Implementation of custom applications consuming the APIs exposed by Authentication Manager.
  • Integration with external identity sources (LDAP servers).
  • Integration of new devices enforcing two factor authentication.
  • Provide generic support services in relation to an existing deployment.
  • Customer tailored training sessions.

Depending on the nature of the engagement, we can deliver our services onsite or remotely. We've been engaged onsite by customers throughout Asia and remotely by customers all over the world.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your requirements further.

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