RSA Cloud Authentication Service

The Cloud Authentication Service is an access and authentication platform with a hybrid on-premise and cloud-based service architecture. The Cloud Authentication Service helps secure access to SaaS and on-premise web applications for users, with a variety of authentication methods that provide multifactor identity assurance. The service helps increase user productivity with single sign-on (SSO) and enables a company to control how users access these applications with centralized access and authentication policies. The Cloud Authentication Service can also accept authentication requests from a third-party SSO solution or web application that has been configured to use RSA SecurID Access as the identity provider (IdP) for authentication.


The Cloud Authentication Service includes transparent and interactive methods for determining if a user is who he claims to be. Users can authenticate using the RSA SecurID Authenticate app, a software application that is self-registering, automatically seeded, and never expires. The app supports biometric methods such as fingerprint, Face ID, and Windows Hello, push notifications, and tokencodes that can be protected by biometrics or a PIN. The Cloud Authentication Service also supports RSA SecurID hardware and software tokens, as well as standards-based FIDO tokens, and context-based authentication using factors such as the user's location and network. Confidence in a user's identity can also be established through risk analytics, based on user characteristics such as past behavior, devices previously used for authentication, and other factors.


Because users are enrolled for RSA SecurID Authenticate Tokencode automatically after device registration, you do not need to perform any additional steps to distribute this method.

Integrating RSA AM and Cloud Authentication Service

You can integrate RSA Authentication Manager and the Cloud Authentication Service in the following ways:

Users can use RSA SecurID tokens as an authentication method for SaaS and on-premise web applications. This requires Authentication Manager version 8.0 or later.
Users can authenticate with either RSA SecurID tokens or RSA SecurID Authenticate Tokencodes from all access points controlled by Authentication Manager including agents, RSA Ready Partner implementations, and RADIUS clients. Authentication Manager sends RSA SecurID Authenticate Tokencodes to the identity router, which passes them to the Cloud Authentication Service for authentication. This requires Authentication Manager 8.2 or later.

Identity Router

The identity router is a virtual appliance that communicates with the Cloud Authentication Service and enforces authentication and access for users of protected resources. The identity router can be deployed in your on-premises network or in the Amazon Web Services cloud. An identity router includes the following services:

An integrated RADIUS server, which allows users to access protected resources through RADIUS-capable devices.

SSO Agent, which manages SSO for applications that support SAML, hosts the application portal, and performs a variety of other functions.

Enterprise Connector, which connects the Cloud Authentication Service to services such as LDAP directories and RSA Authentication Manager.

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