Outseer Fraud Manager

Design and deployment services surrounding Fraud Manager

We have accumulated 10+ years experience with Outseer’s Fraud Manager products (formerly known as Adaptive Authentication).

New deployments/integrations

We’ve assisted customers throughout the APAC region with greenfield deployment of Fraud Manager by delivering these milestones:


As part of the design phase, we assist with items like infrastructure planning/design, use cases definition and API mapping documentation.


During this phase we typically assist your developpers integrating the Fraud Manager APIs into existing online portals. Care is given that the correct data elements are collected from customer devices and passed on to Fraud Manager to ensure an optimal risk assessment.

Functional Testing

During the testing phase we review data flows between the consuming application and Fraud Manager, to ensure suitable data is passed to Fraud Manager.

Performance Testing

We can assist preparing performance test script development, test execution and results analysis. Our preferred performance test tool is Real Load .

Post Go Live Consulting

Once your integration has been deployed in production, we can continue assisting you with integration expansion or answering questions that might arise as part of BAU activities as part of tailored ongoing consulting services.

Upgrades, integration expansions

If your organization is already integrated with Fraud Manager, we can assist with product upgrades (for On Premises deployments), integration reviews or expansions, as part of a tailored consulting services engagement.